Despite ongoing restrictions on events, which resulted in our main North East Ladies Day luncheon 2020 being cancelled, we have continued to support local organisations thanks to your donations.

When restrictions came into force in 2020, we knew our priority must continue to be to offer support to local North East organisations and charities most in need.  Despite being unable to raise additional funds in the usual manner, we were able to use donations previously received to support local organisations in our usual way. 

Thanks to your ongoing support, we were able to support the following organisations and we would love to continue supporting them and many others too. Watch this space for ways that we intend to keep raising funds to allow us to do so. 

Whilst we can’t host events right now, we will be thinking of different ways to stay in touch and raise funds too.  Your support, even though many of you will have your own financial challenges, is still so important to us.  Anything you can do to help, is gratefully appreciated.  We will continue to share how we spend every donation we receive by helping people less fortunate in the North East.

Organisations we have helped since March 2020:

March 2020

Little Sprouts – £1000
Providing hot meals in the community from their hub in Hartington Road Stockton. The funds helped to support a weekly Pensioner lunch from home.

My Sister’s Place – £1000
Helping to manage the increase of domestic abuse. The funds helped to support purchase of mobile phones to keep in contact with clients who need vital support throughout lockdown.

Fresh Start Project – £1000
Support vulnerable homeless people across 3 different hostel sites in Stockton.  The funds helped to provide meals and maintain engagement with their clients.

Neo Angels – £1000
Supporting families in Neonatal wards with food delivery whilst they care for their children. This enabled food delivery to the ward, ensuring family members can eat and stay safe without leaving the ward.

Spreading the Happiness – £1000
The funding covered the creation of 50 hampers for families who are struggling to feed children whilst schools were closed due to lockdown restrictions.

Chris Cave Foundation – £500
Support with funding to cover essential food costs for vulnerable people throughout the Teesside area – delivering food hampers and supporting people referred to them.

April 2020

Wynyard Residents Association – £1000
Supporting a community of volunteers to purchase materials required for PPE creation. The PPE was then used to share with frontline workers when there was a huge shortage.

November 2020

Spreading the Happiness – £250
Additional funding support to help feed children whilst schools were closed. The funding covered the creation of hampers for families.

December 2020

Cause Christmas Hampers – £220
Donation of complete hampers packaged and delivered by NELD Trustees. Cause Christmas Hampers then delivered to appropriate families in Teesside at Christmas.

Age UK (Hampers for elderly) – £250
Purchase of gifts for elderly who would be facing Christmas alone as a result of lockdown restrictions. Gifts were purchased by NELD and donated directly to Age UK.

Norah’s North Pole (Children’s presents) – £250
Support towards a huge campaign for families who could not afford to celebrate Christmas.  Funding was used to purchase items required to complete ‘Santa Sacks’

Susan Gill Homeless Cafe (Christmas Lunch for homeless people) – £540
We provided the Christmas meal and presents at the homeless hub on both 21st and 22nd December 2020 for 90 people. Funding covered both days entirely, supported by NELD.

February 2021

The Specialist Palliative Care Unit at James Cook University Hospital – £110
To support the unit with an increased volume of patients, we donated a camp bed to help families to stay with patients on end of life care.