Our website has been refreshed and updated, by Richard Atkinson. The new website will provide you with useful information about North East Ladies Day (NELD).  Firstly, we’ve got engaging content about our proud 35 heritage, our future events and lots of information about our charities too.

We are also planning to launch a new online booking and payment option for those of you who prefer to interact and buy online. You will be able to book and pay for your event tickets easily and even print your own tickets before the event.  We recognise that this is not everyone’s preference.  We will continue to offer postal ticket options and the ability to make your payment online via your bank.

The creation of a new online booking system will make it easier to book tickets for you. It will also remove a large amount of manual admin for our Organising Committee.  Removing this admin from our tickets process means we can focus more time and money on creating events.  Because NELD events are the source of all our fundraising efforts for our charities, this is very important to us.

Look out for more news regarding these options when our tickets go on sale.  You can keep updated by signing up to our email newsletter.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on our new website. You can comment below this news article or get in touch with us directly.

Contact Richard

If you would like to contact Richard Atkinson about website opportunities you can do so by visiting his website.  His support for North East Ladies Day has been fantastic.