Family Help Darlington CIO North East Ladies Day

Registered Charity Number: 1150798

Family Help Darlington CIO are one of our two charity partners for 2017. With a long history, they started operation in 1976 and have been growing ever since.

An associated member of National Women’s Aid, Family Help was created to support women, and women with children who are suffering domestic violence, or threat of violence, from their partners. Domestic violence includes physical, emotional and sexual abuse.

Domestic violence can affect anyone regardless of age, family background, level of education, social status, ethnicity or class. Family Help are designed to support any woman regardless of their circumstances.

Family Help offer a confidential service and will provide safe temporary refuge accommodation, if required. With a team of Refuge Workers, Family help are able to offer emotional and practical support to any woman who needs it.

A key role for Family Help is also to recognise the needs of children if there is violence in the home. Children may be physically, emotionally or sexually abused and Family Help will step in to support them.

As part of the Family Help service, an independent living project has been created. This service is designed to prepare women who are facing the future as a single person with practical skills as diverse as computing to DIY.

Sharing your story can also help to aid recovery. Family Help open opportunities for women to meet others who may also be experiencing the same situation. Sometimes speaking to someone who has had similar experiences can help to accelerate recovery.

The NELD Organising Committee are avid supporters of the work that Family Help do. All profits made from our events will be equally split between Family Help and our second charity Butterfly Giving.

We hope to raise substantial sums to support them in 2017. Please continue checking our Fundraising Events to keep updated on ways you can help, we’d love your support. In the meantime you can help our two charities, at any time, by making a one-off donation. Select the option below to make your donation using a debit or credit card.