Butterfly Giving North East Ladies Day

Registered Charity Number: 1150897

As one of our two charities for 2017, we’re really proud to be working with Butterfly Giving.

Butterfly Giving was founded by Hannah Larkin who is now 17 years old. They’re tirelessly dedicated to fighting teenage cancer. Butterfly Giving proudly promote that their charity philosophy is all built on a simple phrase:

“It has been said that something as small as the flutter of a butterfly’s wing can ultimately cause a typhoon half-way around the world.”

Hannah told us that generally, people think that cancer really just impacts older people, but six young people are diagnosed with cancer every day in the UK. An astonishingly scary statistic. Butterfly Giving aims to improve the quality of life for teenagers who are fighting cancer or those who are in remission. It’s also really important to the charity that they also support the friends and family of teenage sufferers.

Not onlbutterfly-giving-hannah-and-georgey do Butterfly Giving support those who are fighting cancer, they also invest heavily in educating young people about cancer – how to prevent it, early signs, symptoms and what to do.

The charity was created after Hannah met George Soars, a young man who was diagnosed with cancer at a very young age. George’s leg had to be amputated to save his life. Thankfully George is now well. Hannah was truly inspired by George’s positive attitude and how he overcame cancer, physically and mentally, at such a young age. Hannah aims to replicate George’s fighting mentality in the work she does with Butterfly Giving.

Butterfly Giving aim to support teenage cancer suffers, their friends and families through three main activities:

  • Build and maintain a holiday retreat for young people with cancer, in the North East
  • Teach skills and address the “cancer taboo” with a campaign they’ll called “Boobs&Boxers”
  • Create “favourite things (and essentials)” hampers for teenagers who are currently hospitalised or undergoing treatment

The NELD Organising Committee are truly inspired by the work of Butterfly Giving and hope to raise a substantial amount of money to support them in 2017. All profits made from our events will be equally split between Butterfly Giving and our second charity Family Help Darlington CIO.

Please watch this space for information on our Fundraising Events, we’d love your support. In the meantime you can help our two charities, at any time, by making a one-off donation. Select the option below to make your donation using a debit or credit card.